Privacy policy

Our privacy policy; what information we collect and how we use it.

Statistical data

General (anonymous) information about site visitors is collated for statistical analysis; e.g. total number of visitors viewing page, percent of users using a particular browser, requests for pages that do not exist.

This information is used to help understand how people are using the site, e.g. the most popular pages, and help identify any problems with the site.

Personal information

If you have provided us with any personal information, for example if you have sent us an email, we will consider that information confidential and will never provide your personal information or email address to any third parties; with the following exceptions: 1. if you instruct us to do so, or 2. we are legal required to do so (for example for a Police investigation).


We record the source IP address when abusive (or potentially abusive) actions are detected against our systems.

For example:

  • Repeated failed log-on attempts (i.e. user trying to force entry by trying various passwords)
  • Requests from non-logged on users for services that require an authenticated user (i.e. hacking).

What is stored

We record the IP address and information about the action that triggered the report.

No personally identifiable data is stored.

How that data is used

To block requests from IP that have been a source of repeated attacks.

We also reserve the option to report offences to the relevant authorities where and if applicable.

How long is the data stored

This will depend on the level of concern the abuse causes: One off or possible accidental attacks are quickly deleted (i.e. within minutes or hours), repeated and persistent attacks will result in a long term block being placed on an IP and that term will continue to grow if further abuse is detected.

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